Get back to doing what you love!

Whether you are a professional athlete or simply love to get out with friends and enjoy the outdoors, sport-related injuries are devastating. They stop you from doing what you love, but they don’t have to! Using various physiotherapy techniques, we can get you onto the road to recovery fast! Our highly qualified physiotherapists will guide you through the rehabilitation process using a custom program designed specifically for you.

Key Benefits:

  • Recover fast and stay healthy for a long time
  • Learn how to protect yourself from future re-injury
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Improve flexibility
  • Custom tailored rehabilitation programs
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Will my treatment be covered by my insurance?

Please feel free to contact our clinic at 604-926-6868 with your plan and provider and we would be happy to give you an estimate on your coverage. Alternatively, contact your service provider for full coverage detail.

What kind of treatments can I expect during my rehabilitation process?

Various treatments such as manual therapy, joint mobilization, acupuncture, and conditioning programs will be used in order to ensure a quick recovery.